Covid-19 Mitigation Plan

Covid-19 Charter protocol:

  • MANDATORY wearing of face masks for all persons on board our vessel at any time. The only time a client may briefly remove their face mask is to take a quick bite of food, a drink, or to pose for a picture with a fish. Under all other circumstances, one’s face mask must be worn. We will adopt a zero tolerance policy in regard to the strict rule of wearing and not removing masks.
  • Due to Covid-19, Capt. Jake cannot provide any food or bottled water for clients. Clients may bring food, non-alcoholic beverages, or water in a SOFT-SIDED COOLER OR BAG.
  • SCREENING AND LOGGING all persons for Covid-19 symptoms, including Captain Jake, before they enter our vessel. Each person screened will need to sign a document attesting to the accuracy of the information provided for the evaluation.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING (6ft rule) as much as possible between persons of different households. This includes between Captain Jake and passengers, as well as between passengers themselves (if passengers are not from the same household).
  • LIMITING the passing of fishing rods or other tools between persons on board, as much as possible.
  • Providing PLENTY OF HAND SANITIZER for each person on board, and using it regularly.
  • SANITIZING “high touch surfaces” on board our vessel as required by current Covid-19 guidelines, while on charter.
  • Conducting and logging DAILY INTENSIVE CLEANING/DISINFECTING of the entire vessel in adherence with Covid-19 guidelines.