Offshore Fishing Charters

Bluefin Tuna Charter

Bluefin tuna are by far New England’s most prized game fish, and they are also the most difficult to catch. They are intelligent and at times elusive. They fight hard, take drag sizzling runs, and grow to monstrous sizes (the world record is 1,496lbs!). There is a real chance of not catching… however, if we do, there is no feeling like it.

On this trip, clients will not only have a chance at catching a bluefin, but they will learn the fundamentals of how to target them. Techniques we may use include live bait fishing, drifting, chumming, casting lures into feeding frenzies, and more!

Information about our private shark charter, pricing, and a blue shark.

Shark Charter

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with Jaws in a safe environment? Look no further than our offshore shark fishing trips!

On these trips clients will learn how to fish for New England’s many pelagic shark species. As Captain Jake says, we will “chum the hell out of the place,” and we have a very good chance of catching blue, thresher, shortfin mako, and/or porbeagle sharks. Techniques we may use on this trip include chumming (of course!), live bait fishing, drifting, and more!

For the avid light tackle angler, we can also try using striped bass gear for the sharks, which is always LOADS of fun!

Information about our private haddock/groundfish charter, pricing, and Captain Jake with two haddock.

haddock/Groundfish Charter

Learn to target New England’s iconic ground fish species such as haddock, pollock, hake, and more on this action packed bottom fishing trip! Typically we will fish underwater hills, ledges, banks, and wrecks using squid, clams, mackerel or bunker strips, jigs, and/or soft plastic baits, in the hopes of enticing tasty and fairly sustainable bottom species. Most often clients come home from this trip with plenty of fish for the dinner table.