We offer many different types of trips, both inshore and offshore, so there is something for everybody! Whether you’re new to fishing, a seasoned angler, a young family, want to see amazing marine life up close, or just desire a private harbor cruise, we’ve got you covered! We also run custom trips upon request.

Inshore Fishing Charters For Adults

Inshore Striped Bass/Bluefish Charter

This is a trip for adults who want to spend the day catching large numbers of striped bass (or bluefish if they’re running) of all different sizes. While the majority of the fish will likely fall somewhere in the 18-34 inch range, there is always a chance that a much bigger fish will bite. Depending how good the fishing is on any given day, it is possible to catch 20-30 striped bass between a few anglers in a single trip. On this charter, typically we will either fish with live bait (mackerel or bunker), or will use artificial lures or flies to entice the North Shore’s hard-fighting stripers.

4hr $420

6hr $630

8hr $780

Trophy Striped Bass Charter

This trip is similar to the regular Inshore Striped Bass/Bluefish Charter, however it is geared more towards the die hard, experienced, angler. On this trip we will only target large striped bass – fish that are frequently above the 40″ mark, over 30lbs each, and are well known in fishing-lingo as “ABSOLUTE COWS.” Striped bass in this size class are significantly harder to catch because they typically don’t want to expend much energy to have a meal. Under normal circumstances, this means all of the stars need to align perfectly to produce bites. While we might only catch 1-3 of these “cows” per trip, if at all, rest assured that the fish we do catch will be HUMONGOUS, and that you will learn a lot about targeting BIG striped bass. On occasion, the North Shore does get a massive run of “cows” that arrive in our area to feed on our plentiful populations of mackerel or bunker, and during these times, the “cow” fishing can be National Geographic level chaos.

Due to Massachusetts fishing regulations, we cannot keep striped bass in the size class we would be targeting on this trip. So, if all goes as planned and we do catch fish in the intended size class, THIS TRIP IS STRICTLY CATCH AND RELEASE.

4hr $420

6hr $630

8hr $780

Offshore Fishing Charters For Adults

Offshore Bluefin Tuna Charter

Bluefin tuna are by far New England’s most prized game fish, and are also the most difficult to catch. They are elusive and intelligent. They fight hard, take drag sizzling runs, and grow to monstrous sizes (the world record is 1,496lbs!). This charter is perfect for the die hard angler, and is NOT for the faint of heart. It is a long but fun day on the water, leaving extremely early in the morning, and constantly anticipating a bite from a fish that feels like a pickup truck on the end of your line. There is a real chance of not catching. However, if we do, there is no feeling in the world like it. There is a good chance of hooking some sharks on this trip as well, even though they are not our primary target. In the event the tuna don’t cooperate, at the end of the day Capt. Jake is happy to switch over to groundfish fishing to make sure you will not go home empty handed.

Typically we will fish for these bluefin “wicked tuna style” – by either anchoring over, or drifting through, a promising area using “80-130s” (a.k.a. SUPER heavy duty fishing rods). We will fish our baits under balloons, or sometimes even dangling from a kite! In addition, if we happen to see tuna “busting” on the surface, Big Fish Mojo Sportfishing is fully equipped with tuna-ready spinning gear to chase surface-feeding fish as well.

8hr $880

10hr $1,040

12hr $1,300

Offshore Groundfish/Shark Charter

Forget all the waiting around for a tuna, why not just spend the whole day with great action offshore? That’s where this trip comes in. We will catch ground fish for the dinner table (haddock, pollock, redfish, dogfish, whiting, and hake), typically by either anchoring or drifting over a promising stretch of bottom structure. At the same time, we will also try to bring in some sharks by, as Capt. Jake calls it, “chumming the hell out of the place.” We have a very good chance of catching blue, thresher, shortfin mako, and/or porbeagle sharks! Who wouldn’t love to fry up some self-caught, white, flaky groundfish for dinner, and while eating, show off the selfies you took earlier with Jaws?

For the avid light tackle angler, we can also try using heavier striped bass gear for the sharks, which is always LOADS of fun!

6hr $710

8hr $880

Inshore Fishing Trips For Children

Inshore Young Family Mackerel Trip (recommended for kids age 5-8)

This is the PERFECT charter for families with young kids who want to enjoy fishing together. On this trip we target atlantic mackerel, one of the most fun, frantic, and readily available fish off Marblehead’s coast. We use sabiki rigs, which allow up to 6 mackerel to be fighting on the line all at the same time! Once the mackerel get into a feeding frenzy beneath the boat, it is frequently “lights out” fishing. This results in child-friendly, fast paced fishing that is sure to leave your kids wanting to get back out on the water for more! And, if you’re looking for dinner, mackerel happen to be very tasty on the grill, or even smoked!

2.5hr $310

Inshore Family Striped Bass/Bluefish Trip (recommended for kids age 5-14)

This is also a great choice for families who want to spend quality time on the water with their kids! This trip is more similar to a regular Inshore Striped Bass/Bluefish Charter and therefore might be better suited for older kids, but Capt. Jake tries to really keep the pace of the trip moving, so everyone is sure to be engaged and enjoying the day. While each day of striped bass fishing is different, we will likely start off by catching mackerel or bunker for bait, and will use the live bait we caught in order to entice striped bass (or bluefish, if they’re running) along Marblehead’s shoreline. In some scenarios, we can also try using hard bodied lures or soft plastics in place of live bait!

3hr $350

Offshore Fishing Trips For Children

Offshore Groundfish/Shark Charter For Children (recommended for kids age 8-14)

This trip is very similar to the adult Offshore Groundfish/Shark Charter, and is a fast paced mix of groundfish fishing, and shark fishing! It is perfect for families with kids who are a bit more comfortable on the water, and are not afraid of being out of sight of land. On this trip we will either anchor over, or drift a promising stretch of bottom structure, in the hopes of catching groundfish such as haddock, pollock, redfish, dogfish, and hake, and at the same time will heavily chum the area to have a good shot at bringing in some sharks! Have your camera ready, because you won’t want to miss a picture of your child potentially reeling in a 10+ foot shark!

6hr $710

Non-Fishing Charters For Adults

Private Whale/Dolphin Watching Trip

Who doesn’t love to see whales and dolphins feed, communicate, and go about their business? This trip is perfect for those who would still like to get offshore, but don’t necessarily want to fish. It is also great for people who are into photography! On this fun trip, Capt. Jake can give you an up close and personal view of these magnificent animals. It’s not uncommon for these gentile giants to even swim right up to the boat!

4hr $390

6hr $580

Marblehead Harbor Cruise/Sightseeing

This is a great trip for adults who would like to just have some fun on the water for an afternoon. Feel free to bring a picnic, non-alcoholic beverages, or anything else you might like! We can cruise around Marblehead Harbor, Salem Sound, or anywhere else within a reasonable distance.

2hr $270

Non-Fishing Charters For Children

Private Whale/Dolphin Watching Trip For Children (recommended for kids age 8-14)

Who doesn’t love to see whales and dolphins feed, communicate, and go about their business? This trip is perfect for families with children who would still like to get offshore, but don’t want to fish. On this fun trip, Capt. Jake can give you and your kids an up close and personal view of these magnificent animals. It’s not uncommon for these gentile giants to even swim right up to the boat, which is always a great cause of excitement among youngsters!

4hr $390

Marblehead Harbor Cruise/Sightseeing For Children (recommended for kids age 1-5)

This low key trip is extremely popular among families with very young kids who simply want to get out on the water for an afternoon and enjoy the breeze. We can cruise around Marblehead harbor, Salem Sound, or somewhere else nearby, within a reasonable distance. We can also go as fast or as slow as you and your kids would like. Feel free to bring a picnic, non-alcoholic beverages, or anything else that might add to your experience!

2hr $270

Since the second grade Capt. Jake has been twisting animal balloons in Marblehead as “The Balloon Dude” (formerly “The Balloon Kid”). So, upon request Capt. Jake is happy to bring his animal balloons along to entertain your children at some point on this trip for an additional $30. The only condition is that we are mindful about our use of latex around marine environments, and dispose of broken balloons properly 🙂

Custom Charter

Have an idea about something that could be fun on a charter? Or, would you like to add something to one of the trips already listed above? Contact Capt. Jake to see if he can make your idea a reality!