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Why US?

Almost every fishing charter service out there is good at catching fish. We know that. However, most are not willing to openly share their knowledge about how, where, and why they catch all the fish that they do.

Fortunately, Big Fish Mojo Sportfishing is NOT just your average charter. Captain Jake is happy to share information on everything from fisheries regulations/marine conservation to the nitty gritty secrets of just how to get the “Big Fish Mojo.” And yes, as our name implies, Big Fish Mojo Sportfishing most definitely puts clients on BIG FISH, too.

As the saying goes, “catch a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish (sustainably), he eats for a lifetime.”

Mojo Reviews

“Captain Jacob is a fantastic guide. Not only does he put you on the fish, but he takes the time to teach you and explain why the fish might be at that spot, and why they are hitting a certain lure over another lure/bait. He is the #1 choice guide. Highly recommend.”

Andrew G., 4hr Inshore Striped Bass/Bluefish Charter

“I would highly recommend Captain Jake and Big Fish Mojo Sportfishing for anyone looking for an outing on the water of any kind. I can’t wait to go out for another trip with Captain Jake!”

Tracey R., 2hr Marblehead Harbor Cruise

“I booked an excursion for my son (14) and daughter (8) and they absolutely loved it. Captain Jacob was very knowledgeable and easy going. He took us to all the best fishing spots around Marblehead. We caught a ton of mackerel and a lot of Stripers including a 35″ keeper. I will definitely be booking another trip next summer!”

Justin D., 4hr Inshore Striped Bass/Bluefish Charter

“Had the best time fishing with Jacob! He taught me so much about fishing and we boated to some really cool places. It was such a great day, I can’t wait to go again! Jacob is the best!”

Mason M., Custom Inshore Kids’ Fishing Trip

“We had a great trip with Captain Jake this summer! We… caught many fish (so many that I lost count) – and my older son (13) caught a 34″ keeper. Most importantly for me, Jake made sure that my other son (10) caught a few as well so that both kids were happy! He also did a great job filleting the fish that we kept when we got to shore.”

Chris H., 6hr Inshore Striped Bass Charter

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