Non-Fishing Charters

Private Whale/Dolphin Watching trip

Who doesn’t love to see whales and dolphins feed, communicate, and go about their business? This family-friendly trip is perfect for those who would still like to get offshore, but don’t necessarily want to fish. It is also great for people who are into photography! On this fun trip, Captain Jake can give you an up close and personal view of these magnificent animals. It’s not uncommon for these gentile giants to even swim right up to the boat!


Private Seal watching trip

Seals… dogs of the sea! While they are considered a nuisance by many fishermen, they are incredibly fun to watch as they bask in the sun and frolic around the North Shore’s rocky islands. On this family-friendly trip, you will get to visit one of our local seal colonies! We will anchor near the colony’s favorite hangout spot, and you will get to watch the seals as they go about their business. Often, we are just as much of a spectacle to the seals as they are to us!

Make sure to bring your camera, and also whatever snacks or non-alcoholic beverages you might like to enhance your experience!

1hr 15min$185

Marblehead Harbor Cruise/Sightseeing Trip

This is a great, family-friendly trip for anybody who would like to just have some fun on the water for an evening. Feel free to bring a picnic, non-alcoholic beverages, or anything else you might like! We can cruise around Marblehead Harbor, Salem Sound, or anywhere else within a reasonable distance.


Custom Charter

Have an idea about something that could be fun on a charter? Or, would you like to add something to one of the trips already listed above? Contact Captain Jake to see if he can make your idea a reality!

Duration and price to be determined.