Kids Fishing Charters

In response to current Striped bass population numbers and spawning rates, All our striped bass trips will be strictly catch and release during the 2022 season. Thank you for helping us to protect our ecosystems.

Family Striped Bass/Bluefish Trip

This trip, recommended for kids ages 5-14, is a great choice for families who want to spend quality time on the water, getting a kid-friendly introduction to striped bass fishing. As on our regular Striped Bass/Bluefish Trip, families will have a blast catching striped bass along the North Shore’s rocky coast, and they will also receive private, age appropriate coaching. Techniques we may use include live bait fishing, drifting, chumming, casting lures into feeding frenzies, casting lures around structure, and more!


Family Mackerel Trip

This trip, recommended for kids ages 5-8, is PERFECT for families with young kids who want to enjoy fishing together. On this trip we target atlantic mackerel, one of the most fun, frantic, and readily available fish off Marblehead’s coast. We use sabiki rigs, which allow up to 6 mackerel to be fighting on the line all at the same time! Once the mackerel get into a feeding frenzy beneath the boat, it is frequently “lights out” fishing. This results in child-friendly, fast paced fishing that is sure to leave your kids wanting to get back out on the water for more! And, if you’re looking for dinner, mackerel happen to be very tasty on the grill, or even smoked!


Family Haddock/Groundfish (and shark) Charter

This trip, recommended for kids ages 8-14, is a fun, fast-paced bottom fishing excursion! As with our regular bottom fishing trips, families will learn to target New England’s iconic groundfish species such as haddock, pollock, red fish, hake, and more on this action packed trip! Typically we will fish underwater hills, ledges, banks, and wrecks using squid, clams, mackerel or bunker strips, jigs, and/or soft plastic baits, in the hopes of enticing tasty and fairly sustainable bottom species. Most often clients come home from this trip with plenty of fish for the dinner table.

With all this commotion and bottom fishing, it is not uncommon for sharks to take interest in our activities. So, on this trip we can also put out a shark bait if you’d like, just in case!


Fun Bonus: Animal Balloons on kids trips

Since the second grade, Captain Jake has been twisting animal balloons in Marblehead as “The Balloon Dude” (formerly “The Balloon Kid”). So, upon request, Captain Jake is happy to bring his animal balloons along on kids trips for an additional $30. The only condition is that we are mindful about our use of latex around marine environments, and that we dispose of broken balloons properly 🙂